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Incontinence Products

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Incontinence Pads
  • Lifree Pad - Inserts for light to moderate incontinence
  • Lifree Booster Pad - Booster insert pad
  • i.D Light Small Shaped Pads - Shaped inserts for light to moderate incontinence
  • i.D Pants – Brief style pants for moderate incontinence
  • i.D Expert Form – Large Shaped Pad for moderate to heavy incontinence
  • i.D Expert Slip All In One – All in one pads for moderate to severe incontinence
  • i.D Expert Rectangular Pad – Pad for light to moderate incontinence
  • i.D Expert Protect Bed Pads – Disposable absorbent bed sheet
  • i.D Expert Fix Mesh Pants –  Underwear style garment for pad security and comfort
  • Vlesi-Slip Comfort - All-in-one slip pads for urine and faecal incontinence
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