Western Biomedical
Western Biomedical

Education & Professional Development

Western Biomedical are forerunners in the provision of medical education and professional development services in Western Australia. At Western Biomedical we recognise the benefits of education which:

• Develops motivation and supports staff retention
• Reduces costs through reduction of errors
• Supports health and safety patient care legislation

We have a team of highly qualified Clinical Educators who are registered nurses with additional teaching qualifications.

Educational Resource

Courses/Product Training/Clinical Evaluation/Trials

We deliver half day, full day and customised courses which are practical and focussed on clinical application.
Our product training is geared to ensuring error free application of healthcare equipment and products. Through comprehensive education, clinical support and evaluation, we promote a positive view of the trialled products.



Western Biomedical is APEC (Authorised Provider of Education Courses) accredited which means we deliver courses which are RCNA (Royal College of Nursing Australia) endorsed and have CNE (Continuing Nursing Education) points allocated to them.

We deliver courses and product training either in the healthcare facility or in our corporate training centre in Osborne Park.

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